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Base library

At present there are four applications available:

  • Petronius, your personal wardrobe consultant, which keeps track of the clothes you have in your closet and helps you to choose them day by day, always suggesting the most stylish and creative combinations.
  • BTCrawler, a tool to discover Bluetooth enabled devices and the services they provide.
  • Notes, a container of various notes in text form, both in clear and encrypted representation.
  • TimeStamper, an utility to compute timestamps from dates and vice-versa.

New applications will be available soon, stay tuned.

In addiction, from this page you can reach the section dedicated to the library package whose usage is mandatory if you intend to compile by yourself the following applications: BTCrawler, Notes and TimeStamper. It is contained in the Java package `my.java.library' and contains various classes for general purposes.

Users are kindly invited to report any bug found so that they may be fixed in short terms. You can also send emails to ask any questions you desire about the software.