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Petronius is your personal wardrobe consultant. It keeps track of the clothes you have in your closet and helps you to choose them day by day, always suggesting the most stylish and creative combinations.

The list of features includes:

  • manages your wardrobe and gives you daily suggestions about what to dress according to season, elegance requirements and good taste.
  • keeps track of the clothes you have;
  • remembers compatibility issues among clothes;
  • keeps an updated history of what you wore in the last 30 days;
  • allows you to share your clothes' information with your friends by mean of BlueTooth communication;
  • allows you to save or load all the archives in XML format on your device's storage or on other devices using BlueTooth transfers.

If you are interested or simply curious, just download the software and try it on your device; it's all open source and free.

As always feel free to report any bug found so that they may be fixed in short terms. You can also send emails to ask any questions you desire about the software.